Lena Long

Lena Long was born on the Canning Stock Route at Well No.7 while her Mother (Manga Margaret Long) was shepherding cattle. She came to Wiluna as a school-age child, attending primary school in Wiluna, before being sent to Karalundi Mission. She has lived mainly in Wiluna, however worked in the Sandstone Hotel when she was seventeen, looking after children and cleaning. She once painted watercolour landscapes in Wittenoom when her first husband worked as a fencer for Lang Hancock at Mulga Downs Station. Lena now paints in a style which combines both western and traditional influences. Lena’s skin is Karimarra, her totem is the Bangarra (Goanna) and her languages are Kartujarra, Putjarra and English.

2008 2013 – Exhibited Oakajee Port & Rail, QV1 Building, Perth.
2013 – Birriliburu Exhibition at Spectrum Project Space, Perth.

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