Bush Tucker


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The Wiluna region, despite its classification as a Desert is abundant with Bush foods which the Martu people have gathered and lived on for centuries. Bush food can be found on trees and shrubs such as the Kulkula (silky pear or bush banana), Walku or Quondong, Wadja Wadja (a thin green fruit), Djarrun ( a small apple), Bulyu Bulyu (small colourful berries), long bean like seeds and Jargumpa (blackberries). At ground level, foods include the grass seed which is collected and made into damper and Kuntjilli which are yellow and brown berries.Bush food is also found under the ground such as Djalu, a small onion, the Witchetty grub also called the Lunki or Bardi grub, Wadja or Kulyu which is a small bush potato and Honey ants which are also called Wookuta and are ants with large round bodies filled with a sweet tasting substance similar to honey.

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