Porcupine Dreaming


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When one dreams of a porcupine in the forest, this is representative of the need for the dreamer to get out into the forest and to connect with the creatures there for the purpose of finding grounding.

When one dreams that they are the porcupine, this is a sign that the dreamer is on the defensive and wishes to find comfort in being able to trust those around them but have a hard time with it. When one finds a dead porcupine at the side of a busy road this is a sign that the dreamer fears being lost in their busy life style and needs some time to slow down and reconnect to the original desires of the dreamer.

When one dreams of an angry porcupine, this is symbolic that the dreamer must be prepared for future attack from those they thought they could trust. When one dreams of a porcupine who is relaxed, this is a sign that the dreamer is going in the right direction about a matter of concern.

When one sees a porcupine crossing your path in a dream this is representative that you need to protect yourself and make sure that others aren’t taking advantage of you and your skills.

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