The Last Nomads


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The story of Warri and & Yatungka, the last Nomads is that of a true love-story.

The couple ran away together in their youth, much to the disapproval of their elders as they were from different skin groups. They lived a traditional nomadic lifestyle, in the harsh desert environment.

One of the elders Mudjon, pursued them, and on finding them, could see they were all right, so he returned home. At that time, food was plentiful and Warri and Yatungka had two sons who eventually left them, going away in different directions.

Later in life, food became scarce, with a severe extended drought, when they could find little to sustain themselves at the rock-holes. In the 1970’s a small team led by Mudjon went out in search of them, fearing for their welfare. They successfully located the couple, by now almost starving, and brought them back to Wiluna. Their life’s journey has been documented in the publication “The Last of the Nomads”.

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