The Last of the Nomads


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My mums father Murrjurn (Mudjon) was chosen when he was young to chase after the young couple when they ran away because they were wrong colour to marry (ngakatji) and bring them back to face tribal punishment. He found them but he wasn’t allowed to do anything to them because he was in someone else’s territory so he let them go. Years later he began to worry for their wellbeing so he wanted to go out into the desert to find them, he wasn’t sure if they were alive or not but he still wanted to go and searched for them because at this time there was a big drought. He took the white people to different places (rock holes) to see if they will find the couple there, but all of the watering holes were dried up and there was no signs of them being there. He started to lose hope as he kept going, he knew there was one more place he could check as he knew there was always water there most of the year around. As he came closer he started to light fires to see if he will get a response back from the couple and sure enough he saw in the smoke from a fire in the distance, he finally found the old couple alive and bought them back to Wiluna. The expedition was led by my grandfather Murrjurn Freddie Freddie.

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