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Despite the land surrounding the Wiluna region being classified as desert, it is still abundant with trees, shrubs and wildflowers. In fact Wiluna has a more diverse range of fauna than many other places that get more rain. The region consists of sand – plains, Mulga country and Rocky country. Here you will find Spinifex, Eucalypts, Corkwood, Kurrajong, an assortment of Acacias like Mulga, Gidgee, Bowgata and Curara. Surrounding Wiluna too is a vast range of desert wildflowers; Senna’s, Eremophila’s, Flannel Bush, Cotton Bush and purple Mulla Mulla to name just a few. The region is also rich in bushfoods such as Quondongs, Kulkula (bush banana), Wadja Wadja, Lunki (bardi grubs), Wadja Kulya (bush potato), Honey Ants and so on.

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